Riverbed Training:«From the first steps to the department of monitoring»

October 07-11, 2024

The date may change

Riverbed Training

Duration: 5 days

Course fee: 2500 USD

Study format: online

What is the training about?

Riverbed AppResponse Training is a training program that provides participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills on how to use the Riverbed AppResponse platform to monitor and optimize network application performance.

The training will be useful for:

IT administrators

Heads of IT departments

DevOps engineers


The training program consists of 3 blocks
and covers the following topics:

  • 1

    AppResponse 11 Architecture and Components: an overview of the platform structure, its key modules, and their purpose.

  • 2

    Installation and configuration: the process of deploying AppResponse 11, configuring the system to meet the needs of the organisation.

  • 3

    Application performance monitoring: learning tools and methods for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) of applications, identifying bottlenecks and problem areas.

  • 4

    Installation and configuration: the process of deploying AppResponse 11, configuring the system to meet the needs of the organisation.

  • 5

    Diagnosing performance issues: methodology and best practices for effectively troubleshooting issues that affect application performance.

  • 6

    Report generation and data visualisation: creating informative reports and using visual tools to present the data.

  • 7

    Integration with other Riverbed products: how AppResponse interacts with other Riverbed ecosystem solutions for comprehensive performance management.

The training combines theoretical classes with practical laboratory work, which allows participants to consolidate their knowledge on real use cases. After completing the training, specialists will be able to effectively use Riverbed AppResponse to ensure high performance of business-critical applications and optimise the operation of the company's network infrastructure.

Learning from experts

With us, you will learn from true professionals whose knowledge goes far beyond monitoring. Our instructors are certified engineers, which is not so common in our region. This means that you will learn from experts who not only understand how to conduct monitoring, but also have a profound understanding of what and why you should monitor.

Heading photo

Serhii Rostovskyi

Сertified lecturer, Senior Service Engineer, Department B4 | BAKOTECH

If you ask him to create an infrastructure that should fly to the moon and back – he will find a way to realise it.Expert in "spacecraft infrastructure": from TAPs to testing. Skilled engineer in the technical and service direction of the B4 Department of BAKOTECH. He is a master at explaining complex technical processes in simple terms, so don't worry whether you can handle it: if you know the difference between a switch and a microwave, Serhii will teach you the rest.

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